Half Broke Heart

Half Broke Heart is the latest album from Kay ‘D’ containing 13 cover tracks. The UK country singer wanted to record her ‘heart and soul on tape’ with this album and she has done exactly that. Kay’s choice of tracks for this album speak to her personally and relate to her in various parts of her life.

Track List:

  • Two More Bottles Of Wine
  • Better Man
  • Crazy Dreams
  • I Could Use A Love Song
  • Mama's Broken Heart
  • Believing
  • Half Broke Heart
  • Unlove You
  • When You Walk In The Room
  • Tin Man
  • Stupid Girl
  • Road Less Travelled
  • In My Daughters Eyes
A Little Bit Stronger

A Little Bit Stronger is the 2016 album from Kay ā€˜Dā€™ containing 13 cover tracks featuring popular songs from her live performances. Kay had asked fans on her social media pages what songs they wanted to hear on an album, then she went on to choose from the most popular choices and added some of her own.

Track List:

  • Turn On The Radio
  • Gentle On My Mind
  • What'll Keep Me Out Of Heaven
  • A Little Bit Gypsy
  • Like I'll Never Love You Again
  • Piece Of My Heart
  • A Little Bit Stronger
  • Girl Crush
  • Something In The Water
  • I'm Gonna Love You Through It
  • Patient Heart
  • I Know You Won't
  • Done